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Swivl Teams + Robot provide a
secure and easy way 
for teachers
to record or live
stream video for
coaching, self-reflection,

hybrid learning, and more!

Swivl Robot

Auto-tracking video base

Designed for education, the Swivl Robot is an auto-tracking base for capturing video with phone or tablet.

The teacher simply wears a marker with a built-in microphone that swivel tracks automatically. The Swivl connects to a smart phone or tablet.

Recording and live streaming in-class video couldn't be easier.

Swivl Teams

Coaching, recording and live streaming Apps

We've helped over 50K schools worldwide with their coaching initiatives over the last ten years. Based on our learning, we’ve created a framework we call The Coaching Construct. We’ve learned that what makes coaching work is strong, trusting relationships.

Teams apps make it easy to record, live-stream and analyse in-class interactions for objectives based teacher skills development.

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Plug + play

Capture pro-quality video and audio without specialist knowledge or training

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In class and remotely

Easily link students, peers and mentors—wherever, whenever

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Archive and reflection

Free cloud-based storage and a dashboard for detailed,user-friendly analysis

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Swivl Robot is so easy

  • Insert* your phone or tablet into the Base and connect the single cable.
  • Unique robotic-precision ensures Swivl tilts and pans to capture peerless vision and audio.
  • No guesswork: a single cable (supplied) connects Swivl Base to the inserted device
  • Attach the wearable Marker to engage Swivl’s tracking
  • Infra-red tracking keeps the primary presenter front and centre
  • Failsafe: Swivl cleverly guards against accidentally mixing up what-plugs-in-where
  • Swivl readily accepts Apple iPhones, iPads (iOS 10.0+) and Android (OS 9.0+) devices.

Swivl Teams is so powerful

  • Easily share recordings with people inside and outside the classroom
  • Upload standards from a rubric, or use pre-built templates for evaluations
  • Provide specific and actionable feedback with time-stamped comments and Glows + Grows
  • Collect and analyze evidence with the comprehensive dashboard — e.g. teacher/student talk time
  • Set intentions to help define “look-fors” for self-reflection and peer feedback
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Have a question? Need to know more?

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User-friendly technology with plug-and-play operation

Insert your phone or tablet, connect a single cable, attach a marker, open the app and start.

Educators are talking about Swivl

“Swivl helps ease the stress of evaluations by accessors not needing to be in the classroom.”

“Being an easy and accurate record, Swivl lets me study students’ participation levels.”

“Even after 16+ years as an educator Swivl is an invaluable tool for my self-reflection.”

Pro-quality capture, free storage and effortless collaboration

  • Markers

    Swivl focusses on whoever is in possession of the Primary Marker. Additional ‘Secondary’ markers allow others to be included in Swivl’s tracking and recording.

  • Swivl App

    A user can adjust settings, control recordings and then manage videos—all via the comfortable familiarity of an internet browser.

  • Play, pause, stop

    Educator Swivl is an invaluable tool for self-reflection.

  • Bookmarking

    Instantly tag single or multiple moments during recording for later editing.

  • Time stamping

    Precise parts of a lesson can be annotated with comments, including feedback and questions.

  • Detailed analytics

    Project-owners can monitor how their works are accessed, including total visitors, their names and the percentage they watched.

  • Swivl Link

    Plug this (optional) wireless device into any usb-enabled computer and remote participants enjoy a quality audio stream—an invaluable addition to any Teams, Zoom-based presentation.

  • Swivl Cloud

    Educators enjoy easy uploading of projects and unlimited, free storage. Archived files are then available for skill development and self-reflection.

    Importantly, a powerful suite of online tools let users add, edit and share stored projects.

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